How I came up with my massive type C goals, and did I achieve them?

A journal book with some inspiring words written about goals

A couple years back, I watched a very interesting video on YouTube about the subject of goals. I believe it was forwarded to me from my sister. Now I don’t remember the exact video it was, but I do know it was from Bob Proctor.

I had never heard of him before, but he was talking about setting massive goals!

I remember that the video had intrigued me enough to start consuming more of his YouTube content. I learned about some interesting concepts like the law of attraction, the power of the mind and what we humans are capable of.

In one of his videos, Bob Proctor had mentioned that we should basically set unrealistic goals! Unrealistic in the sense that we have absolutely no idea how we would accomplish them. He had referred to these massive goals as type C goals.

Though, it wasn’t only just setting big goals!

The other (more) important thing that he mentioned was having belief! The power of truly believing that you can accomplish those unrealistic goals you set out to achieve.

So in other words… having absolute faith in yourself! That you will find a way, no matter what, even if you have no idea how you could possibly reach those goals.

When I first came across this idea/perspective on goals, it was very powerful and different to me.

I had thought…

Why would you set a goal that is so big and unrealistic? Where you have no idea how you could even achieve it!

This line of thinking was a BIG paradigm shift in my mind.

And like a lot of paradigm shifts (in my opinion), they don’t happen right away.

It takes time. Time to explore and change your own beliefs in your mind.

Instead, I had only sewn this thought into my brain as it wasn’t fully ready to use yet.

And it wasn’t until less than a couple years later where these thoughts had really sunken into my brain. Over this period, I had started coming across these very eerily similar topics from a few different sources.

I also believe this is what Bob refers to as the law of attraction. It is when you think about or focus on something, that you begin to start seeing more of it in your life. And this seemed to be what was happening to me.

I finally had enough exposure to this idea, and personal evidence of the law of attraction, that I had wanted to give it a try.

I wanted to set some extremely crazy and lavish goal that I didn’t think was possible to achieve.

Because… why not!

The worst that could happen is you shoot for the Moon, but only end up reaching the clouds.

While it is a failure in terms of reaching the Moon, the fact that you still managed to get to the clouds is a feat in itself. It is most likely more than you ever thought you could achieve in the first place.

And that is a massive win!

It is (in my opinion) the true power of this whole belief.

Where you are pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone and seeing just how far you can go. Often it is much further than if you had set the goal much lower and one that was more realistic.

At this point in time, I knew I was finally ready! My mind had converted to believing.

I was going to try setting a crazy, unrealistic goal for myself.

However, coming up with the goal was a little bit harder than I thought. What would be a big enough goal that would be life changing for me, but also very unrealistic.

At the time, I was in the process of changing careers into tech. If you want to know what that journey was like, then have a read of my how I got my first developer job.

So since that goal was already in progress and (at that time) I hadn’t quite achieved it yet, it didn’t make sense to extend upon that goal. On top, I had already seen dozens upon dozens of success examples. People who learned how to program by themselves and then later on got their first developer job.

If you also paid attention to the developer world, it is actually a pretty common occurrence.

So it wasn’t unrealistic, nor big enough for me.

So I needed to find something else.

Something away from learning, studying and programming. Or let’s just say, career related. As I have always been focused on studying, career or something related to it.

So I didn’t want to have another goal focused on those areas.

It had to be something different! Something that I was lacking, or that was way out of reach.

After taking some time to figure out what was important to me, and what I wanted my life to look like, I had a shortlist of ideas. Vaguely speaking, they were in the following areas:

  • Physical well-being (physique)
  • Relationships
  • Finances

In the end, I decided to go for 2 goals. They would be under relationships and finances.

I picked these two areas because for one of them I had struggled with pretty much most of my life. For the second one, I wanted it to be something lavish and something that (percentage wise) not many people achieve.

So what were they?

  1. I wanted to find the woman of my dreams
  2. I wanted to become a millionaire before my next birthday

I’m sure you can guess which was the lavish one…

Anyways, everyday for quite a few months I had envisioned achieving both of these goals.

I would picture spending time with the woman of my dreams and then imagine logging into my bank account to see an amount of $1,000,000.

Yes… I really did that. And I really tried to make it feel as real as possible.

I did the visualization techniques and also took action towards achieving both goals.

Now you are probably wondering…. Did I achieve them?

Or was it just a big farce/ waste of time?

Well… I think you will be surprised with the results and my afterthoughts.

Let’s start with the relationship goal.

Did I find the woman of my dreams?

Yes… yes I did!

Whaaaat?!?! Seriously???

Yup, no joke! Somehow, someway, she came into my life. She was a super gorgeous and attractive woman on the inside and out. We had a really great connection, we were very compatible and most importantly, I was happy being with her. Like all relationships, it wasn’t perfect, but I felt we could grow together.

However, not all stories have a happy ending. Unfortunately, we broke up some time after.

I’ve now realized that such goals are not a once you reach it, you can put your feet up in the air and relax. Relationships require lots of time, dedication and effort to remain healthy and strong.

In hindsight… I probably should have set the goal for finding and keeping the woman of my dreams. Not just for finding her!

Ooops… my mistake! You live and learn!

Now what about my second goal?

Did I end up with a million bucks in my bank account?

Nope! Not even close!

What happened to this goal? Well… I think part of it was I just didn’t have a plan on how to make it happen. I had only believed that if I started investing (trading), that it would help me get there. So that is what I did, and you can have a read about the lessons I learned in my first month of trading stocks and see how that worked out for me.

Ultimately, I just didn’t have a proper vision, nor was I doing anything that could trigger me increasing my wealth rapidly.

It is as simple as that!

Visualization is great in terms of being focused on your goals, but the critical thing is taking action on them. And unfortunately I didn’t take enough action on this goal, nor did I have a real plan.

Update from the future: I’ve corrected this and now have a plan, vision and goal in place. It is simply an entrepreneurial challenge to myself to build a SaaS business in 12 months from scratch.

What did I learn from all of this?

Since I had success with one of my goals, I’m inclined to believe that there really is truth to this after all. It isn’t a load of wishy washy stuff!

If I had put more time, energy and effort into my relationship, I would still be with the woman of my dreams. So, I do believe that this works when combining action and visualization.

Or maybe she just wasn’t the woman of my dreams and this didn’t work at all?

I’ll let you be the judge…

Now, regarding becoming a millionaire. I’m okay with not achieving that goal in such a short amount of time.


I feel like right now I finally have a plan and a course of action in place. Where the vision is clear and not blurry. I also really believe that this action plan will lead me to achieve financial independence and get me into that million dollar club.

Will it happen? I don’t know, but I’m very curious to find out. Maybe I will end up achieving this goal in 1, 2 or 3 years down the road.

Maybe I don’t.

In the end, I’m not disappointed that I spent all that time visualizing my goals, nor that I set them in the first place. I’m also glad that I didn’t set easy goals.

I still have my faith, belief and will continue to take action until I achieve not only this goal, but both goals.

And then onto even more goals.

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