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Achieving a successful solo online business is HARD! Through CreateYourTale, you also become part of a small, diverse and driven entrepreneur 'mastermind' group. As the saying goes, “2 heads are better than 1!” Imagine 4-6!

Meeting the right people is VERY undervalued. At CreateYourTale, our powerful network lets us personally introduce you to other motivated, like-minded individuals so that you can help each other succeed.

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Anyone who is pursuing an idea and striving to create a successful online based business, or to work from home, such as:

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  • Inventors
  • Entrepreneurs

Sounds like you? Then come join the CreateYourTale community. You will become part of a virtual entrepreneur mastermind group that will help you open more paths towards success and build lasting friendships.

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Tic Tac Toe Game
Tic Tac Toe (React)
Click for Description

Built an unbeatable game of Tic Tac Toe using the minimax algorithm in React.

  GitHub Live Version
Screenshot of David Nowak's personal website
DavidpNowak - My Personal Website
Click for Description

Created (from scratch) my own website for both myself and to complete FCC's portfolio website assignment.

  Codepen Website
Demo YouTube video clip of a prototype app called NetworkrGenius!
Networkr Genius - Demo App of Prototype
Click for Description

Took a business idea from concept to MVP. This app would be designed to help you better keep in touch with those who matter to you in both your business and personal life.

Screenshot of FCC Local Weather App done by David Nowak
FCC Local Weather App
Click for Description

Completed the freeCodeCamp (FCC) Local Weather App intermediate project. This web app determines the user's local weather based on their geolocation. The background color also changes depending on the temperature range (like a heat map).

For the web app to work, you must have your "location" settings turned on (mobile) or allow access (desktop).

Please note that due to a bug in the FCC weather API. Sometimes the weather will show up as 28°C and in Shuzenji, JP. This is the fault of the API I am using.

  GitHub Live Version
Screenshot of finished War card game step-by-step tutorial
War Card Game - Demo of App
Click for Description

Recreated the iOs War Card Game App through a guided tutorial by codewithchris.

Screenshot of Random Quote Generator Machine done by David Nowak
Random Quote Generator Machine
Click for Description

Completed the freeCodeCamp (FCC) Random Quote Generator Machine intermediate project. This web app generates a random quote upon request, with the ability to tweet any of the quotes generated.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript & JQuery

  GitHub Live Version
Screenshot of Robofriends App done by David Nowak
Robofriends App
Click for Description

Completed a guided tutorial from The Complete Web Developer: Zero to Mastery, in order to build a Robofriends searching React App. This React app dynamically pulls robot users from a database file and lets you search/filter through the results.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript & React

  GitHub Live Version


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Landing pages

Will help you strategize and create that perfect landing page to help you collect data and test your MVP idea.

1 page websites

Need better exposure for your business in a compact manner? I'll create a one page, sectional website to showcase your business. Simple and effective!

Small scale websites

Need a website with less than 6 pages? This is for you! I'll work with you to design an effective and visually pleasing website so your customers leave impressed.



Salary negotiation

If you have the right profile, I'll work with you to develop a winning strategy to strongly increase your chances of getting the pay you deserve!




Thinking about starting out? I'll discuss your goals and wants with you, and provide a tailorized learning path to help you get started faster. I will only recommend to you the best resources.


Should you learn programming or not? It all depends on your goals and desires. Are you a DIY or hire someone to do it for you kind of person? I personally choose to learn as it would give me more opportunities to succeed and leaves more paths open. If you decide to learn, I'll provide you with the best resources to get you started.


Photo of David Nowak

Hi, I'm David!

I come from a civil engineering background where I've worked in the structural engineering industry for over 5 years. In that time I've gained a lot of knowledge, as well as practical and real world skills. Working 8-10 hour days allowed me to develop a very high level of problem solving skills, and the ability to quickly find errors in calculations, designs, drawings, and manufacturing. My attention to detail and abilities to think outside the box were constantly put to the test in day-to-day operations in order to solve real world engineering issues, and eventually lead to solving large company/industry problems. My abilities caught the Managing Director's attention, and I was being put on the fast track to becoming the Senior Design Engineer within months.

In addition to engineering, I was also able to work on numerous projects that really expanded my basic business knowledge at the time. As I got to see how the Managing Director worked and handled business decisions, it began to spark my interest more and more. I decided to supplement my learning by spending most of my free time reading the best business books I could find, and started to see links between the theory and practice. From all these experiences and the non-engineering projects, I had developed a good practical business sense. This is where my career mindset and the way I thought about things began to change.

Photo of David Nowak

Back in my engineering world, I also began to be annoyed by inefficiencies in the business and repetitive engineering tasks. Having to do similar things over and over again really began to bother and frustrate me. This is where I consciously decided to take up programming seriously. I had some experience with it in the past, but I never truely grasped the power of what you can do with programming, nor had the passion for it. However, that quickly changed as I began to study and eventually created some practical programs. When things started to make more and more sense, this is where I really started becomming passionate about programming.

I began to think more about how I could combine my passions for programming and business together, and what I wanted to get out of all this learning. The next logical step for me was to join my two passions together online and also learn web development. Together, these skills would create a powerful combination where I'd have many more possibilities available to me. I had reached that point in my life where I needed to make a decision if I wanted to continue down the engineering path or go on an adventure and follow my recently developed passions. I chose the latter.


Feel free to contact me about the services that I offer, business topics, or if we share common goals.

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